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SA takes to safety gadgets

A recent Accenture survey in South Africa has revealed that 81 percent of respondents are interested in home safety and monitoring gadgets. Many are also interested in in-vehicle navigation systems with real-time alerts.

In a consumer electronics world dominated by smartphones, tablets and HDTVs, a new market category is generating South African consumer buying interest: safety devices.

An Accenture survey of 1 000 SA consumers, focused on consumer technology spending and usage, found that 81 percent are interested in a home safety and security monitor, 80 percent in an in-vehicle navigation system with real-time alerts, and 71 percent in a personal safety monitor.

Safety devices deliver a wide range of capabilities: home safety and security monitors include remote video monitoring: solutions to protect against potentially disastrous outcomes from fire, carbon monoxide, and intrusion: and systems that respond to medical emergencies. In-vehicle safety systems include night vision devices: front/ read end collision alarm warning: and lane changing/ blind spot warning systems. While personal safety monitors can provide emergency assistance at the touch of a button.

Also of interest to SA consumers is health monitors and devices related to home comfort and control, cited by 69 percent and 66 percent of respondents, respectively.

In addition, the survey found significant SA consumer interest in wearable technologies. 65 percent of respondents are interested in buying wearable technologies such as fitness monitors for tracking physical activity and managing personal health. Many are also interested in buying smart watches (62 percent) and Internet-connected eyeglasses (55 percent).

And when it comes to the more traditional consumer devices, 64 percent of SA consumers surveyed are interested in purchasing a smartphone within the next year, while 51 percent and 46 percent are interested in purchasing a tablet or HDTV, respectively.

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