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Arcade game by eye control

Tobii Technology, a company specialising in eye tracking and eye control has unveiled Tobii EyeAsteroids, the world’s first arcade game that is totally run by eye control.

Tobii EyeAsteroids offers gamers a unique experience in a classic arcade game style: the player has the chance to save the world from an impending asteroid collision. As the asteroids move closer to Earth, the gamer simply looks at them in order to fire a laser that destroys the rocks and saves the world from destruction.

‚We believe the addition of eye control to computer games is the most significant evolution point in the gaming industry since the introduction of motion control systems, such as the Nintendo Wii,‚ said Henrik Eskilsson, chief executive officer of Tobii Technology. ‚Gaze interaction is fast and intuitive, adding an entirely new dimension to video game interaction. Players are now able to immerse themselves into a game like never before, taking competition to a completely new level.‚

When playing the eye-controlled Tobii EyeAsteroids, the user’s hands become superfluous to the game’s success. The speed at which the eyes can target the asteroids is many times higher than what can be accomplished using the hands. During initial testing, one consumer stated: ‚This is a new kind of gaming experience, very laid-back and casual gaming. The time gap between decision and action is virtually non-existent. That’s pretty unique in a gaming scene ruled by the latencies caused by mouse, keyboard and especially gamepad input.‚

The first of its kind arcade game began its world tour on 8th November 2011 at Dave & Buster’s Times Square, New York City, where it remained for two weeks and will then be on display in London later this month. From 10-13th January 2012, Tobii Eye Asteroids will be featured in the Tobii Technology booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

‚EyeAsteroids is another example of how seamless the adoption of eye tracking can become in our everyday lives and how the integration of eye tracking in consumer electronics can benefit the overall user experience,‚ said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. ‚With this product we are able to help revolutionise this industry as it looks to the future of gamer interaction beyond that of motion gaming and dance pads.‚

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