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Roboteur takes the tedium out of repetitive tasks

SpacePencil’s Roboteur promises easy-to-use robotic process automation to streamline repetitive and mundane tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPA) does many jobs better and quicker than the human counterpart, releasing people to do the creative and innovative things that will set their organisations apart. 

RPA has been a dream for many years now, but has stopped short of becoming a widespread reality because the tools available to create the automated processes are themselves complex to use and manage. 

Until now, that is. SpacePencil says its new Roboteur software is “easy-to-use and inexpensive” and allows just about anyone create robotic processes to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. 

“At the end of the day, we believe the decision to use RPA should come down, quite simply, to return on investment (ROI),” says Graham Fry, MD of SpacePencil. “The moment tasks become mundane, people do them in a rush and make mistakes – and there is a cost involved in that.” 

ROI should also include the increase in staff productivity and creativity once people are deployed away from tedious jobs. A typical RPA project today comes in at costs not necessarily justified by the tasks being automated. On top of that, around half of RPA projects fail. 

Fry believes that, by putting a simple-to-use tool into the hands of coders, business analysts and business owners, RPA can become a much more successful and cost-effective exercise. 

He explains that Roboteur is an RPA platform and development environment that makes it simple and inexpensive to automate processes. 

“With Roboteur, it is all about the ROI,” says Fry. “Anything else is noise. Why spend a million dollars to develop a pen that works in space when a pencil does the same job?” 

Barry Buck, chief technology officer of SpacePencil, says: “We wanted to make Roboteur user-friendly with not much training required. It ticks all those boxes, plus it is granular enough to handle edge cases as well as more complex scenarios. 

“Essentially, it is a visual progamming platform with a lot of intelligence built in. It is different from the status quo because it’s built on new technology and is distributable – you can run it as a desktop app or on a web browser, in the cloud or locally.” 

Roboteur is available for either an annual fee or monthly subscription. Visit for more information. 

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