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Revamped MSN hits SA



Howzit MSN has brought the revamped MSN for Windows 8 to South Africa, offering users a new experience for the touch and tablet worlds.

Operated by Kagiso Media, Howzit MSN is the South African version of Microsoft’s popular MSN portal and has one of the largest Web audiences in South Africa.

The all-new MSN will be the default homepage for people on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. From the updated user interface and blazing fast speed to the comprehensive content and the game-changing features of Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10, the new look MSN offers a compelling and consistent experience across Windows PCs, tablets and smartphones.

MSN for Windows 8 is a full-screen ‚”app-like‚” experience. Built for touch and featuring the distinct tile interface of Windows 8, the new-look MSN is visually appealing and easy to navigate on any screen size or format. People can also effortlessly swipe through or interact with content at the same time by snapping them side-by-side with features such as Flip Ahead and Snap on Windows 8.

The new MSN for Windows 8 has been optimised for speed with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. It takes advantage of hardware acceleration built into Internet Explorer 10 to provide increased image sizes, slide shows, videos and other graphics-intensive content without compromising the overall experience.

Says Marcus Stephens, general manager of Howzit MSN: ‚”The all-new MSN is a big bet on the future with its touch capabilities and uniform look and feel across a range of Windows devices. We are excited about the seamless experience it will offer our customers and the way it will empower us to package our content in a manner that will be enticing for our users.‚”

‚”We will continue to deliver unbiased, comprehensive news and entertainment content from a wide range of world-class sources to our users, but we will be able to present it in a far more intuitive manner with a greatly improved user experience,‚” says Howzit MSN executive producer Steven van Hemert. ‚”This represents the next evolution of the MSN portal, offering a consistent experience across both mobile and Web devices.‚”

Around nine percent of Howzit MSN’s users are on Internet Explorer a number that is constantly growing. ‚”This represents an opportunity for advertisers to claim the high ground in a fast-emerging environment that has potential for fantastic user engagement,‚” says Stephens. The new MSN for Windows 8 will initially be available on the following Howzit MSN channels: News, Sport, Entertainment and Lifestyle. The old look and feel will coexist alongside the Windows 8 experience for users on other platforms.