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RemoteFX supported on Wyse thin clients



Wyse Technology has announced its support for RDP 7.1 with Microsoft RemoteFX which allows remote users to access any type of application or content using just about any device. RemoteFX will be supported on Wyse thin clients.
RemoteFX from Microsoft enhances the remote desktop experience for users that connect to virtual and session-based desktops and applications over a network. With RemoteFX, users will be able to leverage server resources for high fidelity graphics and audio on their virtual workspace from a broad range of client devices including very simple, low-cost thin client devices.

“As organisations deploy centralised computing architecture with virtualised or session-based desktops, IT professionals want to deliver a premium user experience to connected workers,” says Mercia Oosthuizen, product manager: Wyse at Workgroup IT.

She says RemoteFX will allow remote workers to access any type of application or screen content, including rich media and 3D applications, using different types of devices.
RemoteFX will be supported on Wyse thin clients based on Wyse-enhanced Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 2009, as well as the upcoming Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform, enabling a rich experience for end users.

“The support of Wyse devices for RemoteFX helps to increase worker efficiency by quickly and securely connecting remote workers with the applications they need through a simple Web connection,” says Oosthuizen. “These workers will have an immersive remote desktop experience, with improved manageability, security and reduced energy consumption.”