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Faster print speeds from Nashua’s new printers

Nashua MPC has announced a recent upgrade to its ranger of multifunction printers. The new units are said to offer print speeds of up to 30 prints per minute on the MPC 3001 and up to 35 prints per minute on the MPC 3005. In addition, the devices are more energy efficient with the company claiming that they consume between 44 and 45% less energy than their older counterparts.

Through the recent upgrade of its MPC 2800 and MPC 3300 multifunctional printers (MFP) to the MPC 3001 and MPC 3501 MFP’s respectively, Nashua Limited is now able to provide customers with all the proven benefits of colour prints on demand.

Nashua Limited Product Manager Glenn Goslin explains the advantages that clients will obtain from the recent upgrade.

‚Research shows that people tend to make critical and complex judgements in about two seconds. Studies also show that colour is the first thing people instinctively register when they are assessing any object, and that it has a strong psychological and physiological impact on them.‚

Goslin says that over and above the colour print quality at 1 200 dpi, the speed benefits of both the MPC 3001 and 3501 have increased from 28 to 30 prints a minute, and 33 to 35 prints per minute, respectively. Further, beyond the improved production efficiency, through technology improvements in hardware and software, the new devices are also considerably more energy efficient, using between 44 and 45% less total energy than their predecessors. All feed and finishing options operate at the same speed as the main unit, so this too is produced at full engine speed.

‚The upgraded multifunctional devices also provide real tangible benefits, such as toner yield on colour delivering 16 000 prints while black and white toners provide 22 500 copies, before a toner replacement is required. The maximum paper capacity of the devices is 4 400 sheets, and as such, with that much paper available, downtime between refills is also lowered.‚

He adds that the upgraded devices are cost-effective to own and run, with the machines offering a quota setting function, limiting individuals to a set number of prints per month, thereby managing their usage and associated costs.

Goslin concludes that beyond offering consumers the benefits of the colour upgrade, Nashua is able to provide holistic solutions that save companies time and money.

‚Nashua strives to ensure that it consistently provides customers with a superior and consistent level of service, and the latest in technology offerings. Through providing this level of service, devices such as these can be truly integrated into a company’s workflow, with utmost cost effectiveness and operational efficiency.‚

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