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Ragnarok at the Opera



Opera Software has recently announced the beta release of Opera 11.60. The new desktop browser includes Ragnorak, an HTML5 analysing algorithm that specifies how errors are handled on various sites.
Opera Software has released the beta of Operan11.60, the next update of its flagship desktop browser. The beta introducesnRagnarök, Opera’s implementation of the new HTML5 parsing algorithm. BecausenHTML5 specifies how browsers should handle incorrect code, browsers will soonnhandle coding missteps the same way — a big win for web-applicationncompatibility across browsers.nnnn“HTML5 actually specifies how browsers should handle code errors,” explainsnBruce Lawson, Web Evangelist, Opera Software. “Before, browsers had to guess,nand they all guessed differently. That led to a lot of site incompatibilitiesnand meant more work for developers. Now that we have the ever-so-sexy unifiednerror parsing as part of Ragnarök, I spend less time helping developers tweak theirnsites to work in all browsers and more time on my true passion — making doublenrainbows in CSS.”

Double rainbows?nnnnThat’s right. Opera 11.60 adds CSS3 radial gradients, so front-end designersncan create hypnotic ellipses or awesome double rainbows like Bruce made rightnhere: right-click and select Inspect Element to see how he made it.)nnnnIn other news, Opera 11.60 supports ECMAScript 5.1, the newest version of thenJavaScript standard. You can also use JavaScript (and a little bit of Canvas)nto make a double rainbow, if you so desire.nnnnAnd, this just in: Opera 11.60 is the first browser to support HTML5 microdata.nThis is the basis for the markup patterns that Bing, Yahoo and Google use tonenhance their search results.nnnnGet Opera 11.60 beta here: note that downloading this beta will override your stable Operaninstallation, so make sure to back up your files before installing.

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