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Picture this: Twitter at COP17



CNN has announced its Ecosphere Project which shows Twitter discussions using the #COP17 tag as they take place during COP17, currently taking place in Durban.

CNN International has launched a CNN #COP17 Ecosphere Project, which it describes as “a digital garden that grows in real time by filtering and aggregating tweets “”.

The visualisation, being generated at, shows a comprehensive picture of Twitter discussions currently taking place on climate change. Until 9 December 2011, the animation will be seen in the form of a hologram at the United Nations 17th World Climate Summit in Durban.

With the Ecosphere Project, CNN International is collecting the opinions, ideas and thoughts of the global Twitter community on the themes of the World Climate Summit and combining them into a unique animation.

The Ecosphere filters and aggregates tweets on the themes of the World Climate Summit using the hashtag #COP17. The tweets generate digital trees in real time. The more often a topic appears on Twitter with the hashtag #COP17, the faster the visualisation grows ‚ from a small shoot to a large a tree. When topics are no longer discussed, the plant, or tree will die, creating room for new discussions. Zooming in on the various twigs and branches will illustrate what topics are of particular interest to participants worldwide.

CNN International will also use the Ecosphere Project in its live reporting about the summit. CNN correspondents Robyn Curnowand Diana Magnay will report and comment on events in and around the meeting, exploring what effect the decisions taken in Durban will have on the world, on business and on every individual person on the planet.

The CNN #COP17 Ecosphere Project was conceived by Heimat-Berlin and developed and produced by Minivegas (Amsterdam, Los Angeles) in partnership with Stinkdigital (London, New York). You can find more information about the CNN #COP17 Ecosphere Project at:

In addition, the Ecosphere Project will also be part of the December edition of ‚Road to Durban: A Green City Journey‚ . In the months approaching the summit, CNN made the journey to Durban starting in the UK and travelling across Germany and Turkey reporting on local climate protection projects. In December ‚Road to Durban: A Green City Journey‚ will be dedicated to the themes of the 17th World Climate Summit. For more information please go to

Broadcast times of Road to Durban: A Green City Journey

14 December 2011: 5.30am ET/ 11.30am CET / 10.30am GMT

14 December 2011: 12.30pm ET / 18.30pm CET / 17.30pm GMT

17 December 2011: 12.30am ET / 6.30am CET / 5.30am GMT

17 December 2011: 2.30pm / 20.30pm CET / 19.30pm GMT

18 December 2011: 7.30am ET / 13.30pm CET / 12.30pm GMT

31 December 2011: 7.30am ET/ 13.30pm CET / 12.30pm GMT

1 January 2012 : 12.30am ET/ 6.30am CET / 5.30am GMT

1 January 2012: 2.30pm / 20.30pm CET / 19.30pm GMT

* “

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