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PHFAT boost for Mashlab

Sony Mobile has announced that rap artists PHFAT and symphonic indie rock band Al Bairre will join musical forces for presenting the first Xperia Mashlab.

Following the announcement of the first Xperia Mashlab, Sony Mobile has unveiled the lab’s first collaboration: electric rap artists PHFAT and symphonic indie rock band Al Bairre will be the first to join musical forces. The crew has made their way into the recording studio to begin the gruelling process of presenting the first Xperia Mashlab work, to be revealed by hosts Forbes & Fix on 5FM.

The sound of Cape Town is set to feature in this month’s track in a big way. Thanks to a little help from Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille (after being asked live on air) and the spirit of collaboration and innovation that Xperia Mashlab brings, the squadron went on a musical pilgrimage to the Cape Town City Hall to give the 32 foot-high pipe organ a little bit of TLC.

The track, to be released on 5fm’s Forbes & Fix Show on 25 June, was inspired by a fan’s submission of “dreams”. Complete with fan-made backing vocals and liquid sound, the track will be available for download through the Xperia Lounge app on all Sony Xperia Handsets.

For owners of Sony’s flagship Z3 series devices, the MashLab tracks will also be available in High Resolution Audio, letting consumers hear the tracks as the musicians hear it in studio.

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