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Pave a path for the cubs

Nintendo Switch releases Arctictopia, a soothing yet challenging puzzle game about a polar bear parent and child.

Gravity Game Arise has released Arctictopia on the Nintendo e-Shop as part of the Gravity Indie Games project, which seeks to discover and promote the best indie games from around the world.

Artictopia is a puzzle game set in the icy seas of the Arctic. Players must navigate a safe route for the parent polar bear to save the cubs.

Every time you move the parent polar bear, the ice under your feet melts a little more. The game has 150 stages and, as each stage progresses, the parent polar bear faces various difficulties and ways to interact and solve the stage.

There is no time limit, so explore and move along the ice carefully.

Artictopia is a unique and fascinating arctic world and story told with adorable illustrations, like a hand-drawn picture book.

The polar bears and their cubs are also joined by seals and seabirds and other arctic creatures.

This is a game that will soothe those who are tired of the harsh world.

KobaP, the game’s producer, says: “A polar bear parent and child separated by the drift flows that have begun to melt. Solve the ice puzzle as quickly as possible and help the mother and child reunite! A healing puzzle that is a must-see for fans of animals and lovely hugs.”

The game features: 

  • 10 mechanics woven into 150 intriguing levels.
  • Immerse yourself in a hand-drawn, picture book-styled (but frigid!) North Pole and as you cross the Arctic Ocean.
  • Plan your every step carefully – with each move you make, the ice under your paws melts a bit.
  • Relax and take your time puzzle-solving. It’s easy to retrace your steps or try a different level. Chill and enjoy the challenge.
  • Adorable cub, seal and puffin
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