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Out with the old FrontRow, in with the VU



MTN has quietly dropped its ailing video-on-demand service and introduced a new contender in an increasingly competitive sector.

MTN has quietly dropped FrontRow, widely regarded as the least successful of the flood of video-on-demand services in South Africa. In it’s place, it launched a new service called VU on 1 December.

Like all the competing services, VU (pronounced View) claims to offer the widest range of content, flexible packages and range of payment choices – “making it the most flexible and convenient video-on-demand service available in South Africa”, according to an announcement.

VU will allow subscribers on any network to stream the latest movies or series on their tablet or smartphone on any mobile network at LTE speed. People are also able to choose how they will pay for the service.

Customers can use up to five mobile devices on one account, and VU will allow them to resume watching a specific show on their playlist across their different devices.

MTN customers will not have to pay for the data to stream content if they stream VU from an MTN SIM card.  S

With content from all six major Hollywood studios, as well as with BBC Worldwide, Endemol and Fremantle, VU will offer the latest blockbuster releases, award-winning UK and US TV series, documentaries, reality shows, music videos and children’s shows.

Users can subscribe or pay as they go, or switch between the two options. VU also offers an array of payment options.

According to Ashley Ramroop, Senior Manager of Device Ecosystems at MTN, VU enhances the previous MTN FrontRow, so is a much-improved service:  “VU is the most flexible and convenient video-on-demand offering on the market,” he said. “Choose your device. Choose your offer. Choose your content. Choose your payment option. It’s the most flexible video-on-demand offering in South Africa.”

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