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Opera starts Coasting

Coast by Opera has introduced a new way of browsing the web on the iPad. The browser is designed around the iPad and so has done away with back and forward buttons and instead makes use of touch and hand gestures.

‚”The reception of Coast by Opera has been so good, and, to be honest, we have been bordering on stage fright for the follow-up,‚” says Coast Team Leader, Huib Kleinhout. ‚”But, we started out by listening to our users and noting what they actually wanted. Then, we put on some tunes and got to work. Go ahead and download Coast from the Apple App Store: it’s free, you know. We’re happy with the changes that Coast brings, and we think the best browser for iPad just got better.‚”

Start the music

A lot of Coast users are avid music fans and discover lots of new sounds daily. With this update of Coast, music on the web has never sounded better. Did you get a hot tip about a cool remix on Soundcloud? Just head over to the webpage and start playing, no extra app needed! The pages that play music or sounds visualize this in the home screen by showing off a small animation of a graphic equalizer in the website’s icon. You can even control music on the webpages from the iOS lock screen: it’s as easy as if it was in the native music player app. In our humble opinion, that’s pretty neat.

Make it yours

Your browser is one of the apps you spend a lot of time in, so why not make it yours? In Coast, it’s now easier than ever to customize your home screen with the image of your choice. You could already choose a picture from your favorite website: after the update, you can also choose between your own pictures on the iPad or from eight of our specially selected backgrounds to style up your online life.

Go read a book

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we got from our users was to better integrate PDF documents in Coast – so, of course, we did it. Now, it’s easier than ever to control where you want to store that self-published book from your hipster friend, PDF bus timetable or instruction manual for your coffee machine! In other words, if you want to open that PDF outside Coast or save it, Coast lets you choose a PDF-compatible app.

…and the rest

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper step up without some under-the-hood changes to Coast. Our engineers have been hard at work to optimize, scrutinize and visualize all the aspects of Coast, to give you the best surfing experience possible.

There are great improvements in speed to navigate between pages: most of the time going back to the main page will happen in an instant.

The Coast security engine, the one that provides you with actual useful information instead of obscure symbols, has been updated to recognize attacks even better.


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