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Now for the ‘Internet of Beer’

San Francisco-based technology firm Pubinno is set to launch a new product that self-cleans the draft beer lines via artificial intelligence. Pubinno’s Smart Clean joins its broader “Internet of Beer” scheme, which also includes its Smart Tap and Smart Hub.

“We aim to provide industry stakeholders – from brewers and pub owners to bartenders and consumers – with the smartest solutions and best-in-class services,” says Can Algul, Pubinno co-founder and CEO. “Our products help stakeholders run their operations cleanly and efficiently, deliver optimal quality-of-pub service, and provide customers with that perfect beer taste every time.”

Smart Clean’s patented technology has 400 percent more pressure on the inner walls of beer lines than usual, ensuring a higher standard of hygiene. It has been tested by the German Beer Institute of Munich Technical University, and received a design award in the category of hospitality, restaurants, and catering from Milano.

“Smart Clean allows the cleaning process to be carried out on four separate beer lines at the same time, eliminating roughly 85 percent of the need for physical contact,” says Algul. “This leads to more effective and sustainable cleaning and a much higher degree of overall cleanliness.”

It also makes sustainability a main value proposition, as it prevents carbon emission and using less water.

With a view to connecting all stakeholders, Pubinno has already unveiled an ambitious “Internet of Beer” scheme, which applies advanced automation technology to the draft-beer ecosystem. For example, its AI-powered Smart Tap allows brewers and pub owners to maintain a high quality and taste of whatever beer they keep on tap, regardless of time or location.

Featuring patented robotic components, the platform can generate savings of up to 20% per keg, and lets users adjust the amount of beer foam per glass. Thanks to its user-friendly design, bartenders can carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, even during peak hours.

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