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Now for audio reality

ThinkGeek’s GeekLabs has launched the Mega Stomp Panic, the first of its kind audio reality costume.

Designed to be worn by itself or as part of a costume, the Mega Stomp Panic is a first-of-its-kind audio reality costume. By simply attaching the palm-sized device to a belt and turning two dials, wearers can select one of nine different sound profiles that generate unique sounds with every step and stomp.

‚”The idea is to take costumes beyond just what we see,‚” said Ty Liotta, Grand High Marshall of the ThinkGeek Costume Parade. ‚”Wearing the Mega Stomp Panic turns your footsteps into an incredible audio experience.‚”

In ‚”Rainstorm‚” mode, the Mega Stomp Panic makes every footfall sound like the wearer is walking through puddles, while a stomp sounds like a jump into standing water. Try ‚”8-Bit Gaming Hero‚” mode to turn your steps into a run through an 8-bit landscape.

The nine unique sound profiles are:

00 Hydraulic Giant Robot

01 Rainstorm

02 Zombie Attack

03 Gigantic Monster

04 Gunslinger

05 Medieval Knight

06 Pegleg Pirate

07 8-Bit Gaming Hero

08 Steampunk Giant Robot


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