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No controller needed

Xbox recently opened a new era of entertainment for everyone, transforming the way the world plays, entertains and connects with friends and family. To kick-start the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft world premiered Kinect for Xbox 360, formerly known as ‚Project Natal,‚ in a spectacular live performance imagined by Cirque du Soleil.

Unlike anything seen or experienced before, Kinect for Xbox 360 opens a new world of controller-free games and entertainment so everyone can have fun.

‚At Microsoft, we believe fun is a universal magnet, uniting us and connecting us all together,‚ said Don Mattrick, senior vice president for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. ‚We believe interactive entertainment is the greatest form of all entertainment, and it should be open and approachable to as many people as possible. It is this belief that led us to remove the last barrier between you and the entertainment you love. By making you the controller, we will transform how you and your friends experience games and entertainment.‚

The Year We All ‚Kinect‚

Kinect for Xbox 360 brings roaring rapids, wild tigers, mountainous obstacle courses and zooming race cars to living rooms in North America on Nov. 4 and will roll out to the rest of the world thereafter. Uniquely magical and instantly fun, Kinect for Xbox 360 tracks your body movements and gestures. It even understands your voice.

By taking technology out of your hands for the first time, Kinect lets people who have never picked up a game controller join the excitement. See a ball? Just kick it. Want to learn how to dance or get fit? Just follow the moves. With Kinect, all you have to do is be you — no controller required.

The New Xbox 360

Microsoft also surprised the world with a new Xbox 360 console designed for the future. Back in black, the new Xbox 360 is sleek, silent and sexy. Connect in seconds to the always- expanding world of Xbox LIVE through built-in Wi-Fi N and store twice as many games and entertainment on a 250GB hard drive.

The newly designed console is whisper-quiet, so the silent tension of a game or movie is never broken. The new Xbox 360 system also comes with everything you need to get started, including an Xbox 360 wireless controller, Xbox 360 headset, HDMI input, USB flash drive storage capabilities and more, and a one-year limited warranty on the console.

Entertainment for EveryoneXbox LIVE connects you and your Xbox 360 to a world of fun, friends and interactive social entertainment, with the best in games, movies, TV, music, sports and community experiences all in one place.

Global expansion

Xbox LIVE will roll out service to nine new regions ‚Äî Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia and South Africa ‚Äî delivering the core gaming and community features that have made Xbox LIVE the world’s premier online gaming destination.

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