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NFC gets multi-tap power

The technology behind phone tap-and-pay is about to go beyond single taps, making possible anything from point-to-point receipt delivery to loyalty and identification.

A new NFC standard is about to revolutionise the contactless user experience on smartphones by supporting several actions with a single tap.

The NFC Forum, the leading standards body for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has published an overview of the new NFC Multi-Purpose Tap standard, outlining the value of this emerging concept for businesses and consumers. 

The concept is expected to bring enhanced convenience to multiple NFC use cases, including point-to-point receipt delivery, loyalty, identification, and total-journey transit ticketing.

NFC Forum brings product, technology, and brand communities together to advance NFC technology and ensure it delivers a reliable and seamless experience to users globally. The body is led by its Board members, including representatives from Apple, Google, Huawei, Identiv, Infineon, NXP, Qualcomm, Sony, and STMicroelectronics.

“Multi-Purpose Tap will bring even more convenience to contactless user experiences by making it possible for multiple transactions to be seamlessly conducted over the course of a one single tap,” explains Mike McCamon, Executive Director of NFC Forum. “Consumers and retailers love the security, reliability, and convenience of contactless payments – imagine also logging loyalty points or getting your receipt over that same instantaneous tap. The potential to complete multiple functions and link services together is limitless.”

The innovation is expected to not only further improve usability, but also provide the opportunity to personalise seamless consumer experiences. Examples include simultaneously taking retail payments while adding loyalty points and promotions; applying concessions and best fare pricing when purchasing travel tickets; or receiving details on how a product can be recycled and reused when buying goods.

McCamon said: “NFC Forum has been working to undertake feasibility studies and define use cases. For Multi-Purpose Tap to achieve its potential, we must understand and detail the range and diversity of use cases will benefit. To achieve this, we encourage all stakeholders from across the NFC value chain, from payment acceptors and terminal manufacturers to loyalty schemes and ticketing providers, to contribute to the development of this technology and ensure their future ambitions are included.”

To learn more download: “NFC Multi-Purpose Tap: One Tap, Unlimited Potential”. The document details what Multi-Purpose Tap is, how it can integrate into existing NFC architectures, and which ecosystems stand to benefit most.

To find out more about joining the NFC Forum community, visit the NFC Forum website.

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