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New Odin Quest coming

Changyou has launched version 8.6 of Odin Quest, which will be available mid-December on the Gamebox platform. Last month Gamebox purchased exclusive operating rights for MMORPG Odin Quest.

New Features Exposed, Old Patterns Changing with a New Pattern Taking Shape Newly added Divination System and Dragon Soul System like a blockbuster causing an earthquake to the balancing system which victory tilted towards paying players. Get infuriated by the bullying and killing by the paying players who have better equipment and higher levels? But that is over now.

The Divination system is for you to gain ideal materials and the Dragon Soul system to increase your attributes! It will benefit non-paying players superficially, but reciprocate both non-paying and paying players actually as on one hand non-paying players can level up effectively, thus shorten the gap between you and senior players. On the other hand, paying players would have match which will intensify competition and test players’ strategies.

New Instance, Balancing and Appealing New 3 instances will be launched: Oracle War, Palace Feast and New Year Envoy. Each is particularly designed for players of some level and habits. For example, the Oracle War is exclusively designed for players of level 80 and above, enabling them to get materials and upgrade them to level 102.

Existing features are also refreshed and expanded. Enjoying cross-server fights? Not happy about the limited times of cross-server fights? Don’t worry! The new cross-server fights rules will definitely rock your battlefields! Get ready to accept the challenges!

Gamebox has always brought players fun new events during game updates. So again it has prepared lots of events and gifts for all players this time.


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