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MWC: The tech that finds itself

The crowdfunding site is not known for serial success, but Stick-N-Find have three winners in a row – and will demo them at the Mobile World Congress starting in Barcelona next Monday.

The company behind Sticknfind, BluTracker and MeterPlug, three projects that have raised more than $1.6 million on crowdfunding site, will unveil new developments and partnerships at the Mobile World Congress, which begins in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday 25 February. Stick-N-Find Technologies (, creators of the popular StickNFind Bluetooth stickers, have also announced a new feature to BluTracker. The BluTracker, which has already raised more than $105k on IndieGoGo, will integrate location logging and tracking that records the BluTracker previous locations by week or month. Now users can access logs through the smartphone app to detect exactly where the BluTracker has been at points in day, week or month. You can find and pre-order BluTracker now on ” We are very excited about the BluTracker: it gives users that extra bit of functionality that is needed for long range tracking, great in the home and for any business,‚”” says Jimmy Buchheim, founder of Stick-N-Find Technologies. “”We wanted to make sure that we are making a fully functional device that makes BluTracker an invaluable asset to any home or business. We have had great support for our campaigns: we want to provide new features that will make the BluTracker an affordable and complete device.”” Other Features and Benefits: ‚óè Track more than a half a mile Integrated with customized Bluetooth design and antenna, BluTracker can be located more than 2500 ft. away, giving it incredible range. ‚óè Log Your Locations BluTracker allows you to view a log of locations by day, week or month, so you can see exactly where the BluTracker has been, great for personal use or business. ‚óè Extended Battery Life The BluTracker uses new Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing up to two months of battery life in between charges and is rechargeable through USB. Stick-N-Find Technologies has now raised more than $1.5 million on Indiegogo, and has begun production for StickNFind and MeterPlug. StickNFind will begin shipping commercially in March, with MeterPlug and BluTracker shortly after in April of this year.

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