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MWC: Now for ‘wireless’ fibre

Ethernity Networks has unveiled its 10Gbps Ethernet virtual fibre wireless backbone solution, which will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

Ethernity delivers unique packet transmission technology for carrier grade scalable 10G virtual fibre backbone over the air, in point-to-point and mesh networks offering the use of off the shelf wireless technology. It also maximizes availability and scalability, using standard IP over Ethernet as apposed to proprietary microwave technologies as described in the following link

Ethernity offers solution that can aggregate multiple microwave (like Wi-Fi) links to form a 10Gbps virtual link, where each link is directed in a way that will prevent interference between adjacent wireless links. The solution runs packets or a single IP stream over multiple microwave links with the ability to transmit those packets over standard switches and construct the data to a single stream using frame reordering and jitter buffer technologies.

A multi point-to-point wireless mesh solution consists of:

1. CPE that connects several stream sources, or microwave links being part of a mesh, and routes data packets coming from other wireless links towards the gateway. Each CPE includes Carrier Ethernet features such as QoS, OAM and CFM.

2. Gateway a single gateway that supports cluster of multiple CPEs that routes streams towards the right CPE, and collects fragments of packets from multiple CPEs to form the original stream

In summary, Ethernity wireless mesh solutions work with:

· 10Gbps wireless virtual connection delivers packet transmission over multiple wireless links through maximum network availability while maintaining end-to-end network delay on a flow base.

· Scalable throughput РEthernity wireless backbone solution offers multi point to point scalable wireless network through the ability to connect as many Wi-Fi links per virtual connection together with single gateway to construct the original streams coming from multiple routes

· Maximum Availability РSupports scalable and maximum mesh network availability without the need to reroute the entire traffic in case of link failure. With Ethernity solution certain link or area failure only decreases momentarily the throughout

· Lossless РEquipped with 50ms buffering to enable retransmission in cased of failure in one of the links

· Sourcing standard Wi-Fi РUse standard Wi-Fi technology without the need to cope with high operational cost of proprietary microwave technology or dependency on certain proprietary microwave technologies


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