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MWC: Mobile comes home

In 2012, the home will become a key area for innovation and competition as smartphone players move to enable them to interact with home entertainment devices. This is according to research conducted by Analysys Mason and will be presented at next week’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.
In 2012, the home will become a key new area for innovation and competition as smartphone players move to enable smartphones to interact with home entertainment devices in a more seamless and integrated manner, according to new research from Analysys Mason.

Our research is summarised in The home will be the centre stage stage of mobile innovation in 2012, an article presented in Analysys Mason’s special Mobile World Congress 2012 thought-leadership collection called The future of mobile.

With about 93% of smartphone owners using their handsets at home (latest figures from Google) and 15% reporting that they use a computer less since purchasing a smartphone (latest figures from Ofcom), smartphones will continue to displace the PC in the home as a means of checking emails and accessing social networks.

“The mobile/home interaction paradigm is set to bring a new platform for innovation to the applications space,” explains Ronan de Renesse, author of the article and lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Mobile Broadband and Mobile Content and Applicationsresearch programmes. “For instance, several providers have begun offering solutions that synchronise TV sets and smartphones, so that the smartphone is aware of what is being watched on TV. However, the corresponding revenue opportunity is unclear, because little or no consumer spend is allocated to those applications that are seen by service providers more as a churn reduction tool than a stand-alone revenue generator.”
For the full article, please see The future of mobile, a collection of 12 articles developed in preparation for Mobile World Congress 2012, presenting views from Analysys Mason’s expert analysts and consultants on the emerging topics and issues in the mobile telcoms industry.

Other key topics covered include the following:

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