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MWC: iPhone gets smallest plug-n-play pico projector

The cookie-sized MobileCinema i20, launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, is not only the smallest plug-n-play pico projector for the iPhone, but also charges the phone.
Aiptek, a Taiwan-based technology company, is debuting a variety of pico projectors made for iPhone and Android phones at the World Mobile Congress 2012 held by GSMA in Barcelona, Spain. Under the new category called MobileCinema, the company is launching a number of models that are designed to appeal to ubiquitous iPhone and Android phone users.

The MobileCinema i20 is the smallest plug-n-play pico projector for the iPhone. With its cookie size, the MobileCinema i20 is a two-in-one gadget that projects the phone contents and charges the phone. Forget about annoying cables,  plug it in an iPhone with the 30pin connector, and it provides nearly two hours projection up to 50” display by 1.6 meters in a relatively dimmer environment. The projection resolution is as high as Q1080p Full HD (960×540) that really helps when showing web pages on a wall. Regardless many restrictions upon iPhone’s 30pin connection during projection, the MobileCinema i20 allows iPhone users to do the pinch, slide to the next, etc, on their iPhones as they normally do. It even turns an iPhone into a document visualiser that shows what the iPhone camera sees onto a wall in real time. The MobileCinema i20 will be available in March, 2012.

Besides i20, there is another state-of-the-art option for iPhone users, the MobileCinema i50S. This is an iPhone 4/4S sleeve pico projector. With its unique sleeve design your iPhone 4/4S seamlessly becomes projector enabled. Just slide your iPhone 4/4S into i50S and you can have excellent projection quality with rich colors in high contrast powered by DLP Optical Technology. The MobileCinema i50S does all i20 can do for an iPhone while it features a much higher lumen rate that really turns your iPhone into a powerful business machine. Riding on its 50 lumens DLP optic light engine it really provides a wow-factor. The MobileCinema i50S will be in the market in April, 2012.

“i20 and i50S shall be the best companions for iPhone users whenever they want to share something on their phones with a small group of people,” says Willis Huang, VP of Aiptek. He adds: “Telecoms will be glad to see more people using i20 and i50S as they increase the ARPU (Avg. Revenue Per User) by encouraging people to share streaming videos from on-line video sources, such as YouTube.

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