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Sony back at cam peak

After the devastating natural disasters in Asia impacted the supply chain for Sony Handycam camcorders during 2011, it has regained the number one position after losing it to Samsung.

‚While there has been an influx of low-priced low-performance competitors to Handycam in the South African market, the consumer has overwhelmingly indicated their preference for the higher video quality of Sony’s Handycam range,‚ commented Andrew Fraser, Sony SA Senior Brand Manager. ‚After a difficult supply situation we are happy to see Sony Handycam cemented at the number one position in the local market once again according to the GfK retail audit in November and December 2011‚ . Samsung had a similar view when it occupied the number one position.

‚Not only are we number one in terms of market share but all are our ‚hero’ products rank within the top 10 most sold units,‚ said Mark Geldenhuys, Head of Digital Imaging at Samsung South Africa.

‚Certainly this overall ranking is evidence of our ability to deliver high end products to the market ‚ products that are not only aimed at addressing real consumer requirements of quality and convenience but deliver outstanding technology and innovation to enable smarter living.‚

While Samsung had previously boasted a market share of 14% in Jan 2011, by the middle of the year, the company said, it has seen an increase of 24% to 38%. Its “closest competitor””, Sony, came in at 30%. That Sony has retaken the lead suggests a tight and tough battle between the two. Sony says its Handycam range continues to set the benchmark in the highly competitive camcorder environment. Models range from affordable solid state recording models through to the NEX-VG20 high definition interchangeable-lens Super-35mm flagship. Under the skin, Sony has incorporated technology such as the rear-illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor, which produces lower noise images in low light, the unique twin lens 3-D operation of the HDR-TD10, and the integrated Mini Video Projector on the PJ series. Samsung, meanwhile, has unveiled a new range of camcorders for 2012, such as the QF20 and Q20, with 1080i HD video, 20x optical zoom, touchscreen display and a range of artistic effects. The toughened W300 and W350 aim at action users with their dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof offering along with 1080 HD video. An F80 offers optical zoom to 52x, 720p recording at 30fps, a 1080i option through HDMI. Expect a titanic camcorder battle this year.

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