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MVNOs get WiFi offload

MVN-X has announced that its customers can now gain automatic WiFi access at over 2 500 hotspots to complement their existing GSM voice and data services.

MVN-X is the first niche network enabler in South Africa to partner with WiFi provider Always On to make this service available.

The move allows mobile phone users to automatically switch (“offload”) to WiFi.

Steve Bailey, CEO of MVN-X says with the explosion of data usage, it makes business sense to enable its partner MVNOs to let their customers automatically connect to and phone via WiFi. Not only does it allow customers to avoid network congestion on normal GSM networks, it is also much more cost-effective to customers.

MVN-X’s current MVNO customers include MRP (MrPrice) Mobile, iSmart, Mobius, X Mobile, BokSel and me&you mobile.

WiFi and GSM services both link into MVN-X’s core CRM and billing services, enabling a truly converged and seamless service. “Customers won’t even notice when their phones switch from GSM to WiFi, it’s such a smooth switch,” says Bailey.

MVNX’s MVNO customers can now offer high speed WiFi access to their customers on more than 2 500 Always On hotspots across South Africa.

Bailey explained that all the MVN-X supported networks are built on Cell C infrastructure, which recently became the first mobile network in the country to launch WiFi calling as a value added service to customers.

MVN-X provides a customised technical backbone to niche networks that wish to bring a tailored brands, services and value added service offerings to the market.

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