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MutiChoice announces new PVR



MultiChoice has announced the introduction of an Altech UEC supplied 2-tuner HD PVR 2U into the South African market.
Collins Khumalo, Chief Executive Officer,nMultiChoice South Africa: “This model provides the same sought-after featuresnour PVR-enabled subscribers have come to love.  It is important to us tonpartner with South African companies such as Altech UEC to support thenmanufacturing sector in our country.”

About the decoder

The HD PVR 2U, two- tuner PVR, offers onenrecording environment and one viewing environment, independent of each other.nIn addition, it offers the ability to fast forward, pause and rewind live TV.nThe slow motion feature ensures that viewers can review split second action atnwill.

The PVR can record up to 150 hours of standardndefinition programming or 50 hours of high definition programming. It can alsonbe linked to any of DStv’s Xtraview-enabled decoders and PVRs to provide ansecond viewing environment.

Other features include a 24-hour i-Plate,nDolby 5.1 surround sound capability, favourite channels selection, seriesnrecord, full parental control and aspect ratio toggle.

Designed for this market, the HD PVR 2U offersna ruggedised power supply and surge protection on both the LNB inputs and thenHDMI port.

Rodger Warren, Managing Director, Altech UECnSouth Africa: “Altech UEC products are not new to the South African televisionnmarket. We have been partnering with MultiChoice since the launch of DStv. Wenhave consistently delivered high quality, reliable decoders to the marketnincluding the popular world-first dual view decoder in 2005 and other standardnsatellite decoders, like the new DSD 1132.”

DStv Value Added Services

DStv Premium subscribers will have access tonDStv’s value-added services. DStv On Demand which provides catch-up viewing ofnthe most popular series and sporting events and BoxOffice which is a movienrental service from the comfort of your couch.

The Altech UEC HD PVR 2-tuner decoder will benavailable at leading retailers and furniture stores with from May 2012 at anretail price of R1499.

Subscribers should also note that a standalonenHD PVR in the home attracts the normal bouquet subscription as well as anmonthly access fee of R65, which is charged to access multiple environments onnthe DStv platform.

MultiChoice recommends that installation ofnthe HD PVR is done by a DStv Accredited Installer. To find an accreditedninstaller in your area, SMS your postal code to 33936 (SMS costs R1.00)

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