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iTunes adds SA indie radio

South Africa’s first Indie online radio station,, has become the first domestic online radio station included into the iTunes radio catalogue.

Interwebsradio has gained popularity through social media. The station appeals to music lovers and aficionados, who regularly tune in to hear content not playlisted on terrestrial radio. Listeners enjoy the latest hand-picked local and international Indie music: classic Rock, Pop and Soul as well as live music broadcasts. It is fast becoming the discerning South African’s favourite online radio station. broadcasts a high quality 128 kbps MP3 stream and a

64 kbps high quality AAC+ mobile stream 24 hours a day. Full metadata is supported, whereby the artist names, song titles and advertiser information

are published on the listener’s device. The service is available via the website and can be streamed to desktops, laptops

and smartphones.

Following Apple’s approval, can now too be found in the Radio section of iTunes, under the Alternative Rock genre, making the local station readily accessible to a global audience.

Founding Member Gifford Pech√© says, “This is a first for South African internet radio. iTunes has 225 million account holders worldwide and Interwebsradio is now available right on their desktop. We pride ourselves in having a high quality stream and top music content that the big players can appreciate. Not only does it set us apart as a truly professional station, but being listed in iTunes also raises the bar for the rest of the South African industry.‚

Online radio listeners fall into an upwardly mobile, high-LSM demographic.

Ever-increasing internet capacity has allowed for an online entertainment revolution internationally, such as listening to online radio stations, downloading music and viewing YouTube videos. As broadband pricing continues to drop in South Africa, internet radio is expected to grow as the format reinvents itself for audiences online.

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