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About ten years ago, man’s biggest problem when watching TV was the effort it took to get up and change the channel. Nowadays, man’s biggest problem is the abundance of remote controls scattered around the lounge. SEAN BACHER thinks the Sony RM-VL1000T Universal Remote control is the solution.

Not at all. First you need to insert two AA batteries, then you need to start programming in your individual components. It’s going to take you a while, so get comfortable.

At first the entire idea seems a bit daunting. But with time you will get used to it and wonder how you ever lived without the remote. You are definitely going to have to read through the instruction manual a couple of times, as performing a simple task like selecting a different device to control is quite a complex process. You’ll also be referring to the manual constantly when you first start out, as you will need to look up each of the device’s codes for programming. However, once that’s done and you’ve used the control for a couple of days, be assured you won’t be referring to the manual too often.

If you’re looking to simplify your life, this is definitely what you need. It will render all your other controls obsolete and we have yet to find a device that cannot be programmed into the Sony RM-VL1000T. Furthermore, the complicated tasks that give your fingers a real work-out on conventional controls can all be done with the touch of a button with the Sony’s macro option. In essence you can program this Universal Remote to control just about anything.

The Sony Universal Remote really scores high marks in this category. Being able to control your entire home entertainment set-up from one single unit is the epitome of luxury and innovation.

At a price of around R1 000, you will have to agree that it’s rather expensive. But as we all know, luxury and convenience does come with a price.

The Sony RM-VL1000T Universal Remote is available from most audio-visual stores nation wide. Contact Sony on (011) 690-3200.

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