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Those witty chaps at M.ANY have pulled a rabbit out of the hat once again with the release of their new Dual Sports, a heart-rate monitor, MP3 player and FM radio in one. ADAM MEGENS straps one on and discovers it not only gets his palms sweaty, but also sets his heart-racing.

A little bit of preparation is required before you get your heart racing. The unit requires two AAA batteries (which are conveniently included in the package). To install the software, insert the CD and, depending on your version of Windows, your system should pick it up and automatically start the installation process. If not, follow the quick n’ easy installation steps in the manual. Once installed, there shouldn’t be anything you can’t do on your Dual Sports.

Basic functions like listening to audio files or listening to the radio are a breeze. For more complicated tasks like setting equalisers or operating the heart rate monitor, you may have to browse through the well laid-out instruction manual. But, once you’ve used these functions once or twice, you may as well use the instruction manual to prop up that dodgy leg on your kitchen table, because you won’t need it anymore. The unit has a total of nine buttons, which you use for various functions from audio set-up to deleting files. The supplied software is simple and coherent and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

The Dual Sports is one of those great devices that does nothing but deliver. It is packed with realistically useful features that won’t go unused and idle once the novelty has worn off. It is rather refreshing to come across a product where every detail has been scrutinised and this is evident in the unpretentious design and the end product’s ease of use. The product is practical, but with those few little extras that add spice to the mix to keep you coming back.

Heart rate monitors, MP3 players, pocket radios, portable flash ROMs, digital voice recorders, nothing new here, but all combined trimly into a package that weighs a total of fifty five grams, well that’s not bad then, lads! I loved this product: I found the ingenuity on display top class, and the merchandise of superior quality.

The 128MB unit carries a recommended retail price of around R2 395. This might seem high but is worth every penny. Health conscious folks as well as the gym-junkies out there will love this. It is likely to become an indispensable part of your routine, if not the inspiration to get into your Lycra body suit and hit the nearest spinning class.

For more information contact the South African agents for Dual Sport on +27 84 585 2001 or visit the web site of its Korean manufacturers, HyunWon Inc, at

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