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MOVEit 2020 improves secure cloud file transfer

An automated file transfer product from Progress, MOVEit, introduces an enhanced secure cloud transfer protocol and eases cloud scaling and integration.

Progress has announced the release of Progress MOVEit 2020, a secure, automated Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. The new release comes equipped with MOVEit Mobile 2.0, as well as enhanced cloud, integration and performance capabilities. 

Says Stewart Bond, research director, data integration and intelligence software research at IDC: “Demand for secure file transfer in hybrid environments has increased over the past few months as large files are being exchanged with remote team members and partners in virtual work environments. MOVEit 2020 is putting these abilities into the hands of non-technical users, while ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive data.” 

Accelerated by the recent spike in remote work, file transfer demands are increasing as the ability to quickly share and access information securely are at an all-time high. Businesses need securely transmitted just-in-time information and, if left unfulfilled, can result in expensive setbacks, damage to reputation and even loss of business. The latest release of Progress MOVEit addresses these concerns by enabling users to leverage a mobile device to securely upload information as well as access data remotely, while maintaining security and compliance requirements.  

“We are in a new era of remote workforces, portable medical facilities and social distancing that requires flexibility of engagement,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “Yet in the case of healthcare workers, for example, security cannot be sacrificed as we adapt to these new working conditions. Progress MOVEit assists critical remote workforces by enabling both access to and the ability to gather data via any number of portable devices safely and securely.” 

The following information on features of MOVEit 2020 were provided by Progress: 

  • MOVEit Mobile 2.0 – Free in MOVEit 2020, the app provides upload, download and file management support for mobile MFT access with increased security capabilities – making mobile use, scaling and integration faster than ever before. It also now supports MOVEit Cloud, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure folder sharing. MOVEit Mobile 2.0 is available now for iOS and Android.  
  • Native support for Azure Blob storage – Native support now provides more options for integrating MOVEit into hybrid cloud architectures, capturing detailed file histories without requirements for custom scripting.  
  • Ad hoc classification – The ability to customise security classifications in any language on any package that can be enforced as mandatory by the administrator. Built in response to customer requests, the Government of Canada stated, “This ad hoc classification feature is exactly what we needed, and Progress has delivered exactly what we had in mind.” 
  • Re-designed MOVEit Gateway – Makes it simpler to set up SSH tunnel configurations with MOVEit Transfer. Built using secure, updated SSH server/client technology, the new MOVEit Gateway reduces the impact of customer security settings on the tunnel and provides improved logging to help debug any configuration challenges.  

Progress MOVEit 2020 is available today. For more information, click here

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