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Nashua Limited’s has recently introduced its App2Me mobile widget, which allows users to create customised worklfows and can be used for printing, scanning and for the monitoring of other devices.

App2Me is a mobile widget that enables users to create customised workflows, and can be used for functions such as printing, scanning, and monitoring of devices. A widget is a basic visual building block which, combined with an application, holds all the data processed by the application, as well as all available interactions.

App2Me’s widget architecture provides employees with convenient and simplified access to every function of a multifunction printer (MFP), while streamlining operations through linking workflow to web-based services.

Nashua Limited Group Product Manager, Lucinde De Lange explains further.

‚Through enabling App2Me, work processes which normally prove to be complex are considerably simplified, and maximum convenience and productivity is ensured through a consistent and personalised experience.

‚This is accomplished through simply downloading widgets, and inputting your personal preferences and settings once. These settings are then saved and personal workflows are created for you that combine, distribute, edit and create documents, as well as perform other tasks automatically.‚

The application eliminates the need to repeatedly install print drivers, connect to MFPs, or perform IT administrative tasks such as setting up scan-to-folder directories. Further, rather than having to use menus, App2Me users simply select their user name, select the widget for the operation they wish to perform, and press start.

App2Me enabled devices can be automatically discovered on wired and wireless network environments, and downloaded to any desktop, laptop or Smartphone without installing drivers.

De Lange concludes that App2Me should not be considered as a frivolous or superfluous extra, but as an essential component of any office environment.

‚The modern office space demands increased functionality and productivity. The application of App2Me enables office users to execute their jobs to maximum function, as they are equipped with the tools to work with full confidence, speed, mobility and accuracy.‚

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