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Matebook X Pro is easy on the eye – and the body

The new laptop from Huawei is a productivity powerhouse, writes SHERYL GOLDSTUCK

The Huawei MateBook X Pro notebook is easy on the shoulders, hands, ears and eyes, making it a pleasure to work on, watch movies and carry around. It weighs as little as 1.26kg, and there can never be an excuse for not completing work because of being on the go.
It features a skin-soothing metallic body, using micro-arc oxidation, an electrochemical surface treatment process to produce oxide protective coating. This makes the surfaces not only durable and corrosion-resistant, but also quite dazzling. 
The screen, too, uses new coating techniques. It is coated in a magnetically controlled nano optical layer that reduces light reflection by 60%. This means that the content on screen remains clear at a glance, even under fluorescent lighting or direct sunlight.
It has multiple ports, including Thunderbolt 4 × 2 (left), USB-C × 2 (right) and 3.5 mm headset and microphone 2-in-1 jack. Huawei sound microphones work with AI noise cancellation to filter out ambient noise during sound pickup, such as ringtones and keyboard typing. The battery life will see you through almost any loadshedding schedule. 
It comes with Windows 11 Professional. The keyboard is sensitive and easy to type on, while the full-area touchpad is sensitive to every touch of the finger. The slightest movement is all one needs to move across the screen. 
Images on the screen sparkle, thanks to the 3.1K Real Colour FullView Display, while the 3:2 aspect ratio gives a taller, fuller perspective for work needs. One can press Fn+R to switch between 90 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rates for different display requirements. The 10-point multi-touch sensitive screen is easy on the eyes, thanks to Intel Iris Graphics.  
The X Pro series has obtained Intel Evo certification, which means designs are verified, measured and tested against a premium specification and Key Experience Indicators as part of Intel’s innovation program. The 12th Gen Intel Core Processor and new hybrid architecture bolster 4 Performance-Cores dedicated to intensive tasks, and 8 Efficient-Cores that save power during daily work. LPDDR5 memory and a 1TB solid state drive the data transfer rate, ensuring faster running and lower power consumption.
Press Fn+P to enable the 30 W Performance Mode to take the laptop into overdrive, in other words, allowing you to push the monitor’s response time speed in order to decrease the trailing/ghosting artefacts behind fast-moving objects.

The Dual Shark Fin fan and three-dimensional air intake design, working with high-performance VC heat dissipation modules, covers more heat dissipation areas, and improves heat dissipation efficiency and performance of the entire system. The smart temperature control system can intelligently adjust temperature, enabling the device to operate more efficiently.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is available for R35,999 on the Huawei Online Store. The price includes a free Huawei Bag, Bluetooth mouse and Huawei 23.8-inch screen valued at R5,297.

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