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MacWorld: The Bay of the Dock

The Bay area, where MacWorld host city San Francisco is situated, is awash in a new category of accessory: the iPad docking station. After Keydex debuted its docks with a splash at CES 2011, iMate continues to roll out new Keydex products specifically for iPad at MacWorld.

After Keydex debuted and gained much popularity in CES 2011, iMate Supply continues to bring to MacWorld a new series of Keydex products designed specifically for iPad.

While 90% of docking stands only allow users to place their iPad vertically, the Keydex Speaker Stand (UG-H1018) offers three ways to position the iPad. Aside from the typical portrait orientation, the users can also easily place their iPad in the landscape configuration on UG-H1018 to fit the original video screen, which makes movie-watching even more enjoyable. The cylindrical 6W duo speakers deliver surround sound-like entertainment, the best quality at its size. The universal AUX cable can be applied to any other audio device, and the detachable speaks make the product incredibly multi-functional. For ergonomic typing, the UG-H1018 is designed for users to easily lay the iPad against the speakers at a perfect 30 degree angle. The bonus silicone case provides a cushion protection and its rubbery texture prevents iPad from slipping away. The compact and simple design occupies little desk space.

Paired with the same cylindrical duo speakers, the Keydex Ergonomic Keyboard Stand (UG-H1020) is designed for business users who own an iPad keyboard dock. Like Speaker Stand, Keydex Ergonomic Keyboard Stand offers the versatile iPad positioning and surround sound-like speakers for personal entertainment. The patented press-to-shift button allows users to move the iPad very easily and manage the desk space more efficiently.

The Keydex Compact Stand (UG-H1019) makes a perfect gadget for frequent travelers. By flipping the footing out to position the iPad in 3 different ways, users can enjoy reading, typing and watching movies during their trips. The compartment for storing cables and the 5.5″ x 4″” portable size makes UG-H1019 a light companion to travel with.

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