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MacWorld: iPad case with a twist

Launched at this year’s Macworld, the new Swivel Pro iPad case won’t exactly bring you coffee in the morning, but it does so much more than regular protective cases on the market.

The new Swivel Pro from US+U can’t bring you coffee in the morning, but it can bring you a lot of features other cases don’t. One, it rotates 360 degrees in either direction. And two – three percent of every purchase goes to a charitable cause. And that’s just for starters. The Swivel Pro also has a flush-fit kickstand, which elevates your iPad for typing mode. You’ll find a wide grip notch that supports the fold-down panel for easy video viewing. Tucked inside the cover panel is the sure-grip handle, which lets users hold their iPad in one hand, while rotating it 360 degrees in either direction. This makes it a great tool for presentations or lectures.

The third panel also doubles as a protective cover for your iPad. Its inside is lined with soft, micro-fiber suede that adds additional protection and security. There’s a convenient pocket for placing notes, receipts and other items and a sturdy loop inside for a pen or stylus. But one of the most unique features of US+U’s Swivel Pro is its charitable side. Three percent of every purchase goes to a charitable cause that supports environmental stewardship or human compassion. To see the variety of charities US+U supports visit The idea and purpose of the company behind it is to bring imaginative, well-designed products to market and do good deeds with a portion of the revenue. Or, as Brian May, company president and inventor, sums it up, ‚Every product we make, makes a difference in the world.‚ May, an award-winning graphic designer and brand strategist, has always believed in serving clients that represent and serve the ‚greater good‚ and providing those clients with good design. He decided to take those two elements and create a company dedicated to those principals and ideals. US+U is the result. ‚Those companies who are dedicated to good design are perceived differently,‚ May adds. There will be other innovative products from US+U that are designed and produced with both the customer and the world in mind. The company’s mantra, ‚giving back is every bit as important as giving you an exceptional product experience,‚ assures that fact. When May was asked what was the spark or catalyst behind the company name, he replied, ‚In today’s world, companies have a huge responsibility to the people who support them by buying their products or services. They have to clearly demonstrate that profits aren’t the only thing motivating them. The chance to do good in the world should drive every decision. And US couldn’t do that without U.‚

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