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Eco-mouse makes debut

Fujitsu has announced an entirely plastic-free, biodegradable computer mouse. Substituting renewable materials for plastic, the ECO mouse is 100 percent recyclable.

Made from the environmentally-conscious plastic substitutes ARBOFORM and BIOGRADE, the Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO joins the keyboard KBPC PX ECO in the line-up of accessories manufactured from renewable materials ‚ helping eliminate the use of oil-based resources such as hard plastic and PVC from the manufacturing process.

By using biodegradable materials from renewable sources, Fujitsu promotes sustainable production and helps reduce CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process. At the other end of the product life-cycle, less plastic waste is destined for landfill ‚ since the mouse is made from 100 percent biodegradable materials.

Last year Fujitsu announced the first keyboard to be made from renewable materials, replacing 45 percent of the plastic keyboard components with materials from renewable sources. The keyboard KBPC PX ECO has been extremely successful: Fujitsu estimates that by making the switch to renewable materials for this product, it saves approximately 60,000 kilograms of plastic per year.

With the Mouse M440 ECO, Fujitsu continues to underline that green does not mean compromising on quality, features or performance. The ECO model looks like a normal high-quality plastic mouse, and offers all the latest functionality such as a scroll wheel, plus high accuracy thanks to a 1000dpi optical sensor.

The Mouse M440 ECO is more comfortable to use than plastic-based models since its BIOGRADE shell has more elasticity than other renewable materials, allowing for an ergonomic design that is focused on user comfort, and suitable for both left and right-hand users.

Ross Olver, Portfolio Manager Business Clients at Fujitsu says: ‚It’s the little things that add up: we’re continuing to prove that it’s possible to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources from the IT lifecycle. Fujitsu underlines its commitment to innovative green products for the desktop, starting with the new ECO mouse, through to the proGREEN selection. By choosing this mouse, environmentally-conscious businesses can feel good that they are helping reduce CO2 emissions without sacrificing durability or comfort ‚ and without having to pay any extra.‚

The Mouse M440 ECO is available immediately across the EMEA region.

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