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Lost device? You’re not alone

According to the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey, every sixth user has experienced loss, theft or damage to a portable digital device. But users aren’t just losing their devices: they’re losing their valuable personal data as well.

Laptops, smartphones and tablets have long been an irreplaceable part of everyday life at work, at home relaxing, or while socialising with friends and relatives. But what if a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet gets lost, stolen or damaged? What happens to all those holiday photos, the video of your child’s first steps, correspondence with old friends: and passwords for social network sites, e-pay and online banking accounts, and email accounts? Could they realistically disappear along with the device?

According to the survey, mobile devices are regularly lost, stolen or damaged: over 16% of respondents reported at least one of these troubles over the last 12 months. A closer look reveals that 9% of the users’ devices were irreparably damaged, 3% of gadgets were lost and 4% were stolen. This data confirms that the loss or theft of a mobile device is a common problem. But apart from the loss of the gadget itself, what problems does the owner face?

According to the survey, the following types of data are stored on mobile devices:

In other words, people store all types of information on their mobile devices, and the value of the data is often more valuable than the device itself.

Losing this data is more than just distressing. If sensitive data may also fall into unfriendly hands, the consequences could be disastrous: your company’s confidential information might be circulated: your own accounts on social networking sites, email services and online banking systems may be compromised. Fortunately, there is a reliable and convenient way to dramatically reduce the risk of further crises.

Technologies vs Theft:

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a solution developed to protect the world’s most popular mobile platform. In addition to its advanced technologies, which detect and block cyber-threats, the software also includes a number of functions that prevent valuable user data from falling in the wrong hands. It can even help to find and recover a lost or stolen device.

All remotely operated features are accessible via Anti-Theft Web Management, a convenient, web-based control centre which allows the owner to access the lost device from a computer or any other mobile devices. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to return a stolen or lost device – and the information stored on it – to the rightful owner. However Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can ensure that valuable personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

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