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LG Watch R gets A rating

In his latest review, LIRON SEGEV tries out LG’s Watch R. He finds that not only does it look good, but it also offers a variety of features that make it more than just an extension of a smartphone.

It used to be, ‚Build it and they will come‚ . With Microsoft’s new Windows 10, it’s now ‚Let them build it and they will buy it‚ , writes LIRON SEGEV.

Scanners are replacing fax machines, but they are no more convenient ‚ unless you can do it with your mouse, writes NATALIE VICTOR.

Backtracker, a locally developed device that just about gives cyclists eyes in the back of their heads comes under LIRON SEGEV’s radar in his latest review.

The new LG G3 is a mouth-watering and visually gratifying experience with all the ingredients for success, except price, writes RACHEAL DANE.

Alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 was a new Galaxy Gear smart watch and the Galaxy Fit. LIRON SEGEV reviews the latter and although not being too fond of wearable devices, was impressed with its performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been described by some as the superphone of 2014. LIRON SEGEV discovers that it is packed to the brim with new features and outlines seven tips to help users get started with it.

It’s been a long dry spell for cricket fans in the video game industry. We’ve been taunted with one or two possibly good games, only for them to fail at the last hurdle. GAVIN MANNION takes a look to see Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a game worth batting for.

Diablo III’s expansion – Reaper of Souls not only fixes many of the programming issues users experienced in the original game, but also throws in a lot of content to keep players entertained for many hours, writes MATTHEW FIGUEIRA.

The Nissan LEAF is the first all-electric car to hit South Africa. SEAN BACHER tries it out and finds it well-kitted, but still needing work.”,”body-href”:””}]

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