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Fujifilm X-T100 — The social photographer’s serious camera

Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless camera shoots colour vibrant shots that can be shared wirelessly to a smartphone, writes BRYAN TURNER.

Now known as the least expensive Fujifilm X-series camera to include an electronic viewfinder, the X-T100 brings mirrorless technology to the sub-R10 000 camera market.

The insides of the camera are mostly identical with the older X-A5, including its 24.2MP sensor that is 14 times larger than that of a conventional smartphone. Unlike the X-A5, however, this camera has a hinged LCD design that allows it to tilt and flip out to the side. The 3” LCD is also a touchscreen, which is useful for those not wanting to click buttons.

The camera’s body is wrapped in faux leather and accented with a metal frame, which comes in black, dark silver, or champagne gold. It’s quite compact for an SLR camera, especially when using a “flatter” lens.

On the top, the camera offers three dials for function adjustment and the user feels the right amount of click when rotated. The left side function dial is for exposure adjustment, which can be adjusted to suit the current setting. The middle function dial is for the various camera modes, and the right function dial is user-customisable.

Images taken with the camera are vibrant and pack plenty detail in a JPEG. That said, the software processing that comes stock with the camera is harsh with sharpening. Thankfully, this can be turned down.

For photographers wanting RAW photos, this camera may not be the best option as it only shoots RAW images between the low (ISO 100) and high (ISO 25600/51200) settings. It is unlikely that a professional photographer would be using this camera without these RAW options.

Video quality is standard with good shooting resolutions, while the higher resolutions suffer a significant drop in frame rate. The 4K resolution setting shoots at a mere 15 frames per second (fps). The 1080p setting is far better at 24 fps. The camera has attachments for external microphones that enables direct sound recording to the video. For videographers, this camera is a good option for those wanting to film in standard 1080p HD resolution but may not be a futureproof option.

A huge convenience point of the camera is its smartphone connectivity functionality. The camera pairs via a smartphone app with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and sends pictures to the smartphone’s camera roll. This enables faster sharing to Twitter and Facebook, compared to connecting the camera to a computer and importing the images.

Overall, the camera is great for beginner-to-intermediate photographers and snaps impressive photos that can be shared quickly to social media.

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