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Level up your gaming with Huawei MateView GT

Huawei has entered the competitive gaming space with a curved 34-inch monitor, which recognises that, in this area, every millisecond counts

In competitive gaming, every millisecond counts. It’s the difference between making the frag or being fragged. And this is where the curved Huawei MateView GT 34-inch Sound Edition ultrawide high-refresh display with a built-in SoundBar delivers an out-of-this-world visual and audio performance that is critical for gaming at the highest level.

Let’s face it, traditional gaming monitors lack innovation, feature archaic design, and typically have very clunky OSD buttons. The GT breathes new life into the market and reinvents what a gaming monitor is all about. Inspired by the ultra-performance typically associated with luxury sports cars, the GT sets a new benchmark for gaming displays with a new look, incredible specs, and gamer-specific innovations that provide a superior advantage in tournaments.

A superior view

For any gamer, seeing as much action as possible can be a key advantage. The GT features an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21:9 that gives gamers 33% more viewing area than conventional 16:9 screens. The 1500R super-curved design surrounds the player wherever they look, providing an immersive, super large-screen experience. The 3440 x 1440 screen resolution means gamers can play with a level of clarity and detail beyond the capabilities of the naked eye.

The 165Hz gaming-grade refresh rate means the GT unlocks faster gameplay speeds. As gamers know, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the viewing experience. The 165Hz refresh rate at WQHD resolution eliminates display flicker for a buttery-smooth gaming experience.

And then there’s the intuitive five-way joystick on the bottom bezel offering gamers several display modes. Whether they’re viewing pictures or movies, or playing a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS) or first-person shooter (FPS) games, there’s the right option for the best results.

Gaming advantage

The GT includes two built-in features that give players a bigger edge when it comes to in-game performance.

The Dark Field Control feature adjusts the brightness in low-light and overexposed scenes, so gamers can spot opponents quickly.

As the name suggests, the Crosshairs feature adds a static crosshair overlay to the middle of the screen. Unlike in-game crosshairs in a lot of modern shooters, this crosshair overlay doesn’t bloom when the player is firing, nor does it go away when they switch weapons. So, they can fire from the hip in full auto with perfect accuracy.

Wired for sound

But gaming is about more than video. Audio plays a crucial part in identifying where attacks are coming from.

The GT’s SoundBar design sees dual 5W full-range speakers perfectly integrating with the base. These speaker units are tuned by Huawei’s own intelligent algorithms, making the sound fuller and more realistic without gamers requiring their own external speakers.

Huawei’s acoustic engineers have also optimised the algorithms to deliver the best sound effects for different scenarios. Using a five-way joystick, gamers can adjust the best-suited sound effect for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, or making calls.

The SoundBar is a touch-tone light bar that lets gamers adjust the volume with the touch of just one finger, and the length of the light bar provides a visual indication of the current volume percentage. There’s also a variety of colours for personalisation and numerous rhythmic and exciting ambient lighting effects that help create a full atmosphere.

The GT also comes with an innovative dual-microphone voice system on the top. This supports intelligent noise cancellation, feedback elimination, and proximity pairing of up to 4m in distance. With intelligent algorithms, the human voice is clear and detailed, meaning gamers can have more fun with friends without worrying about being constrained by wearing a headset.

The Huawei MateView GT is priced at R13,999 and can be purchased on the Huawei Store (online) and at Incredible Connection. It is also available at Vodacom on a 36-month contract at R379 per month.

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