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Lenovo SA takes cutting-edge to creators

The new Yoga Slim 7i and Lenovo LOQ devices amplify the content creation and gaming revolution in Southern Africa.

Lenovo South Africa has launched two devices aimed at creators and gamers in South Africa. 

The Yoga Slim 7i and Lenovo LOQ products are intended to meet the rapidly growing demand for gaming, with state-of-the-art solutions that enhance productivity, unleash creativity, and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. 

Southern Africa has witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of content creation and gaming, with a budding community of talented individuals pushing boundaries and redefining the industry. As a region known for its diverse cultures, vibrant storytelling, and rich heritage, the demand for cutting-edge devices that enable creators to express their vision and gamers to embark on immersive virtual adventures has never been greater. 

Lenovo South Africa says it recognises the needs and aspirations of creators and gamers in the region. To cater to their evolving requirements, the company has introduced a range of innovative devices, crafted to deliver exceptional performance, superior graphics, and versatility.

The latest additions to Lenovo’s device lineup include high-performance laptops. These devices combine top-of-the-line hardware, advanced graphics capabilities, and innovative features.

Lenovo provided the following information on the new devices

The Yoga Slim 7i

The slim, light, and elegant Yoga Slim 7 (14.5”) gives users more power, portability and longer battery life than before. 

Among the standout enhancements is also the upgraded keyboard, boasting 1.5mm dish cap keys that provide unparalleled comfort and efficiency. With quicker tap response and anti-grease coated keys, users can enjoy a smoother touch experience while minimising the appearance of fingerprints and smudges. 

The laptop is also equipped with the Lenovo Premium Suite which includes four microphones, enabling enhanced video and audio calls with crystal-clear clarity. Coupled with noise reduction speakers and quieter fans, users can immerse themselves in an uninterrupted, immersive multimedia experience. Furthermore, the larger trackpad enhances content handling, ensuring seamless navigation and optimal efficiency. 

Continuing the legacy of the previous generation, the Yoga Slim 7 is equipped with the revolutionary Lenovo AI Engine+. This powerful technology provides users with lightning-fast, intuitive performance that anticipates their power or battery needs based on their device usage. 

 The Lenovo LOQ gaming portfolio 

The new lineup includes the powerful Intel-based Lenovo LOQ 16IRH8 and Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8 laptops, as well as the versatile Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8 desktop PC. Additionally, the AMD-based Lenovo LOQ 16APH8 and Lenovo LOQ 15APH8 laptops deliver exceptional performance for immersive gameplay. Inspired by the renowned Lenovo Legion gaming brand, the Lenovo LOQ line extends beyond aesthetics, incorporating innovative features like the rear I/O notch on laptops and the shared stylized ‘O’ in both brands’ logos. 

Lenovo LOQ laptops caters to a diverse gaming community, embracing both beginners and experienced gamers seeking to level up their skills. For those taking their first steps into the gaming universe, these devices provide the perfect platform to embark on your path to greatness. Dive into thrilling adventures, conquer challenges, and build lasting friendships with fellow gamers. The Lenovo LOQ seamlessly paves the way for gaming enthusiasts to transition to the high-performance and power, allowing them to compete head-to-head against the most skilled opponents. 

“The rise of content creation and gaming in Southern Africa is a testament to the region’s vibrant and creative spirit,” said Yugen Naidoo, general manager at Lenovo South Africa. “We believe in empowering individuals to explore their passions and push boundaries, and our new lineup of devices is designed to do just that. We are confident that these products will fuel the imaginations of creators and immerse gamers in exhilarating virtual worlds, further propelling the content creation and gaming revolution in Southern Africa.”

Pricing and availability: 

Yoga Slim 7 will be available at selected partners with a RRP of R29,999.

Lenovo Legion LOQ will be available at leading retailers with a RRP of R16,999.

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