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Last chance: Relive Your Year in Music

Today is the last chance for Spotify and Apple Music users to check out their “year-in-music”, writes BRYAN TURNER.



From the first song streamed at midnight on 1 January to the year’s most played song, much of our year has been defined by what we listened to. Spotify offers a neat overview of what shaped the year with its Wrapped service, while NoiseHub has created an app for Apple Music, called “Music Year in Review”, which does pretty much the same thing.

Spotify Wrapped

Back by popular demand, Wrapped allows users to rediscover and share the music and podcasts that formed their personal soundtracks in 2018. The site offers a customised look into what one has listened in several categories, including top song, top artist and top genre. Fun aspects were also added to Wrapped 2018, like “oldest track listened to” and “most listened to artist’s star sign”.

From there, users can share their results to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with their personal Wrapped share cards. Spotify Premium users get to go a little deeper, with access to additional insights about their year in listening.

NoiseHub’s Music Year in Review

Apple does not provide a packaged way to look at one’s yearly listening stats, but NoiseHub has provided a solution. The app, called “Music Year in Review”, shows a similar overview to that of Spotify’s Wrapped.

While the app isn’t nearly as in-depth as the Wrapped 2018 services, it does provide basic metrics. To use it, one will need to use an iOS device with an Apple Music subscription. The app will request a connection to Apple Music and one’s email address. From there, it will gather a user’s listening data and show three graphics: time spent listening to a top artist, top five songs and artists, and overall number one favourites, with genre, artist and song.