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Kubernetes: the new foundation for digital transformation

JOE BAGULEY, VP and CTO for EMEA at VMware, presents the case for the Kube

The businesses that survive and thrive today will be those that continuously experiment. Think Jeff Bezos advocating the need for “high-quality, high velocity decisions”: speed matters in business, and new ideas, new products and new strategies require a nimble and fresh approach. 

How to drive innovation at scale is on the minds of CIOs I speak to and, clearly, others in the industry. That is achieved either by better “adapting to a multi-cloud world” or “leading their organisations through a period of multiplied innovation and disruption”.

Today, that’s an approach that simply boils down to getting applications and data into the hands of users as fast as possible. Applications are fundamental to how modern businesses work, compete and evolve. But let’s be honest, when talking about modern app development and delivery we are talking about multiple data centres, traditional and cloud-native applications, multiple clouds, all to be managed, all in one complex and interlinked network. Operation models have to keep up with this rapidly evolving cloud architecture – and without consistency and automation, businesses simply can’t function and will fall behind.

So, how do forward-looking organisations keep up? What should CIOs looking at their cloud-native app strategy be thinking? The answer lies in a technology that is making a rapid shift from the darkest reaches of IT into broader business parlance as it takes a central role in driving and managing application innovation: Kubernetes.

Click here to read about the role of Kubernetes in digital transformation success.

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