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iStore introduces Meets to stores in SA



iStore has launched iStore Meets, “a series of inspiring and informative sessions where attendees can learn from the best”, at its outlets across South Africa. 

iStore Meets will be hosted by a variety of industry personalities and experts like world-class musicians, renowned photographers, talented artists and other evangelists with skills to share in fields like photography, video, music, coding, art, and health.

“iStore is the ultimate destination for the Apple community to meet, connect and get the most out of their products,” says Chris Dodd, iStore CEO. “Our goal with iStore Meets is to enrich people’s lives by creating a platform where you can learn from the best – whether you want to try something new, be inspired to do something different or take your passions further.”

Examples of opportunities on offer are learning how to use Logic Pro X to create a beat with hitmaker DJ Prince Kaybee, follow Karen Zoid, on her journey through the digital music industry, and dabbling in the art of tattoo illustration using the iPad, with tattoo artist Thys Uys from Fallen Heroes.

New topics, workshops and events will be offered regularly from other industry leaders. Details on some of the “Skill share” sessions currently available can be found through these links:

“iStore Meets Prince Kaybee”
The Journey to the Crown and Using Logic Pro X to create a beat, with self-taught DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee.

“iStore Meets Karen Zoid”
Transitioning into the digital age, with South Africa’s “Queen of Rock”, Karen Zoid.

“iStore Meets Thys Uys” 
Bringing tattoo art into the digital realm, with  tattoo artist Thys Uys from Fallen Heroes Tattoo.

“iStore Meets Jono”
Using iPad Pro to improve social media content, with Redbull content creator Jono Ferreira.

“iStore Meets GI Jane” 
Mindfulness in the Digital Age: Tracking your wellness journey using the Health App, with fitness expert GI Jane. 

“iStore Meets Nico Nel”
Starting to craft stories in Final Cut Pro X, with branded content expert Nico Nel. 

“iStore Meets Harmonix”
Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone with iPhoneographer, Harmonix.

“iStore Meets Toby Shapshak” 
The future of work and why we are so change-adverse, with journalist and publisher Toby Shapshak.

“iStore Meets DJ Arch Jnr”
Regular music performances using the iPad, with young DJ Arch Jnr.

Kids, teachers, parents, those new to Apple or even pros can attend sessions relevant to their skillset, experience or interest, says Dodd.

Aspiring young coders can join holiday camps to learn 21st century skills like coding. Parents can attend informative sharing sessions around iPad features that assist with monitoring and controlling access to content, guidelines around screen time and age appropriate apps. Teachers can get together to learn new ways to bring technology to their classrooms with workshops on using iPad as an impactful learning tool. 

Skilled iStore trainers will also host a series of learning sessions every day. From beginner “Getting Started” sessions introducing key features for those new to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, to more advanced “How To” workshops where those wanting to learn about creating something new will experience mixing and recording music in Garageband, making a movie in iMovie, coding using Byte, editing photos using Adobe Lightroom or guided pilot sessions on how to fly a drone.

How to book: For bookings and more information on the free iStore Meets sessions, locations, dates and topics visit