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IS launches low-cost uncapped ADSL for SOHOs

Internet Solutions (IS) Ignite has launched a suite of uncapped ADSL products for the SOHO market, providing Internet access for as little as R139 a month.

The product is aimed at small office environments, which require affordable and tailored DSL options to meet specific needs.

‚”We launched this product in response to consumer demand, so we’re expecting to see enthusiastic uptake,‚” says Herman Jansen van Rensburg, GM of IS Ignite. ‚”We know the usage profile of SMEs, and are aware that they are cost sensitive, but still need the performance to do business efficiently.‚”

The monthly cost starts at R139 per month for a 384kbps line, and steps up incrementally to R1 482 for a 10 240kbps line. All products come with a 1GB Wi-Fi account as a value-add. There is also no ongoing contract the service is paid for on a month-by-month basis, so there’s no risk involved.

To sign up for the product, clients need only visit the IS Ignite website at, register, pay and then set up their own routers. There is no need to go through the call centre or to sign any paperwork. Of course, for anyone who needs support, IS’ experienced call centre agents are available to talk them through the process, or SMEs can purchase the solution from any one of our valued partner resellers.

‚”We’ve taken into account the nature of many small office environments and built the product around exactly what they need,‚” says Jansen van Rensburg. ‚”IS has been around for 20 years, with one of the most established MPLS and ADSL networks in the country. Clients can be confident that they’ve bought into a network that’s reliable, stable and performs well at a very reasonable price.‚”

Through their relationship with IS Ignite, clients will also find a host of other services readily available when they need them. These include Wi-Fi access, hosting and fax-to-email services, in line with the company’s commitment to providing products and services specifically for small office setups.

‚”IS Ignite is committed to the SME sector,‚” says Jansen van Rensburg. ‚”We are constantly reviewing our product set with the intention of providing our clients with high quality, low cost of ownership products that ensure they have the performance and uptime they need to succeed.‚”


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