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IS buys out AlwaysOn

Last week, Internet Solutions bought AlwaysOn, a provider of Wi-Fi access to over 1400 locations in South Africa and roaming capabilities in over 110 countries.

Internet Solutions has announced that it has increased its shareholding in WiFi provider AlwaysOn to 100%, for an undisclosed sum. Internet Solutions acquired its original interest (51%) in the company in 2009. AlwaysOn provides secure WiFi internet access to over 1,400 locations in South Africa and offers roaming capabilities in over 110 countries at more than one million hotspots.

WiFi is increasingly an integral and critical component to the mobile strategies of organisations, and WiFi technology is now an important part of the overall user experience in a highly mobile, highly connected society. It is already a standard feature in smartphones, PCs, tablets and other consumer electronic devices that converge and blur the business and consumer boundaries.

“The demand for WiFi continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, brought about by the growth of a global society that expects to be always connected anytime, anywhere For example in the US, WiFi connections account for more than 37% of digital traffic over mobile phones. And about 90% of internet access from tablets is done via WiFi, not through a 3G or 4G network. There is also an increase in demand for cloud-based services and other high data-consuming functions at both the business and consumer levels,” says Sean Nourse, Chief Solutions Officer, Internet Solutions.

“Today, Internet connectivity is now demanded, irrespective of location, and users expect the mobile experience to equal that of the office experience. With a work place that is no longer defined by an address but rather defined by a connection – anywhere and everywhere – it is important that the indoor and outdoor WiFi experience is consistent, secure, reliable and affordable,” explains Nourse, and points out that AlwaysOn and Internet Solutions already provide this to both businesses and consumers.

Nico Pretorius, Managing Director, AlwaysOn. Says: “In the five years that AlwaysOn has been in partnership with Internet Solutions, we have grown our WiFi network and our client base considerably. As the demand for WiFi continues, AlwaysOn and Internet Solutions together will reach more people as it expands its network and capability.

AlwaysOn will continue to trade and operate under the AlwaysOn brand.

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