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Invizimals come to PS Vita

Sony has announced that the Invizimals augmented reality game is now available on the PlayStation Vita.

Sony has announced the return of the Invizimals franchise to PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). For the first time on PS Vita players can capture and collect Invizimals fully roaming in augmented reality with no markers!

Invizimals The Resistance (PS Vita) The world of Invizimals The Resistance features a pulse-pounding storyline that immerses players in an epic adventure. There are 150 creatures waiting to be captured, including 90 beloved classics from PSP, and even more ways to capture them with 20 brand new mini-games designed by Novarama. The Resistance also feature new and exciting battle game modes, ‚ÄòSurvivor’ and ‚ÄòFree For All’.

Invizimals Franchise The award-winning Invizimals game franchise, originally created in collaboration with Novarama for Playstation Portable (PSP), has sold over 2 million units across Asia, Africa and Europe to date. The latest title is to be the second Invizimals to land on PS Vita and follows hugely successful game launches last year for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3 (PS3).

World-renowned publishers Panini have teamed up with SCEE to produce Invizimals collectibles across Europe selling over 44 million sticker packs and 31 million trading cards in the process.

On top of this, BRB International and SCEE also developed an animated television series based on the franchise which has aired across Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece and Australia. The show smashed the barriers of entertainment by tasking viewers to unlock additional content through augmented reality techniques via their PS Vita and mobile devices using a bespoke app that has been downloaded over 250,000 times worldwide.

Alongside the television series, IMC Toys have produced a hugely successful range of figurines based on the franchise, shipping over 1.9m figurines in total, already proving to be a huge hit in the brand’s leading territory, Spain, where IMC’s three and five pack mini figures are topping the charts in the boys’ action toys category The toys’ unique selling point is that they boast augmented reality elements developed to reflect the immersive experience of the Invizimals‚Ñ¢ video game and kids can interact with them using their PS Vita, tablets, iOS and Android smartphones via a free app. The app alone has also amassed almost 40,000 downloads to date, proving popularity of the franchise and its ability to speak to an audience across a variety of platforms.

This huge variety of licensed products has helped engage kids in the vast Invizimals universe and build a wide range of touchpoints across multiple channels, making sure nobody is left out of the fun. Devoted Invizimals fans won’t have long to wait for the next instalment in this award winning franchise as Invizimals The Resistance will be blasting onto PS Vita soon.

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