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An unlikely hero

Ba-kawk! A chicken cluck is hardly the battle cry for revolution, but the journey to rule in ‚Fable III‚ is a treacherous one and you’ll need all the followers you can get to start the rebellion.

Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have teamed up to offer a revealing glimpse into ‚Fable III,‚ which launches in South Africa on October 29th with the game’s opening cinematic featuring everyone’s favourite farm animal as the most unlikeliest of heroes. Dashing through city streets and hurdling through the air, witness the daily struggles of Albion’s citizens through the eyes of a chicken as he makes the ultimate gamble for freedom.

In a world where freedom is nothing more than a dream, Albion’s oppressed and downtrodden citizens desperately need a hero. Against all odds, our aspiring hero dares to take a stand against his sworn enemy and puts up a rebel’s fight, paving the road to revolution for those who follow. However, he’ll quickly learn that revolutionaries can’t triumph alone. Will this brave chicken succeeding his quest for freedom or will he pay the ultimate price? The tide is turning and the uprising has begun ‚ will you follow his lead? Make your way to to watch the world premiere of the ‚Fable III‚ opening cinematic now!

‚Fable III‚ sets the stage for an unparalleled action and adventure experience, in which you will be called upon to lead a rebellion against your brother, the tyrant king Logan, and rise up as the new ruler of Albion. Take part in all the action, drama and humour as you’re propelled into a rich and engaging story, featuring a unique cast of characters around you.

‚Fable III‚ will be available in a Standard Edition R699 and Limited Collector’s Edition R799 for Xbox 360, and is available now for pre-order at participating retailers. With the all-new character creator tool at called the ‚Fable III‚ Villager Maker, fans who pre-order the game can create and bring their personalized villager to life. The in-game villager will deliver to your hero a thrilling new quest and 1,000 gold in fortune.

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