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So you’ve decided it’s time to learn a new language, but where do you start? Finding a tutor can be expensive ‚ and finding the time to go to lessons can be difficult.

Self-study is often a better solution, but searching online can leave you confused and a waste of your time trying to find exactly the right solution.

Transparent Language develops language learning solutions that make it possible for individuals to successfully master a language by effectively applying skills in a rich, interactive learning environment. ‚Transparent Language software offers a variety of tools to help you master vocabulary and pronunciation using a number of games, videos, audios, and speech recognition,‚ explains Jason Phillips, Sales Director of Phoenix Software, exclusive distributor of Transparent Language products in South Africa. ‚These different applications ensure that you accomplish what you set out to do. For example, there are separate programs for grammar basics, and another for alphabet reference.‚

The various programs can be launched from inside the one application, so you can use the formats you are most comfortable with. The video portion of the program is useful for those who prefer visual learning, and the speech recognition feature is essential for pronunciation. ‚The games included with the software are helpful, and the flash card game is great for improving vocabulary and learning important words,‚ says Phillips. ‚But most importantly, there isn’t a lot of time spent teaching you words that you wouldn’t use in conversational everyday language.‚

Transparent Language software offers over 100 different language choices, and the products are used by more than 10 000 schools and colleges worldwide ‚ including ivy-league universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton in the US ‚ to enhance their language programs.

As intelligent as it is, Transparent Language cannot do all the work for you. You will only get out what you put into learning with this software, so practice and study are essential. However, it’s the simplest, fastest way to learn a new language ‚ and have fun at the same time. So whether you’re going on vacation, your job requires you to learn a different language, or your child is in need of some assistance learning a new language at school, Transparent Language can help ‚ fast.

Transparent Language products are available from Incredible Connection stores nationwide at an SRP of R199.99 each.

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