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Infinity: the endless Xbox

It has been reported that the new Xbox, set to be released later this month will be called the Xbox Infinity, but, GAVIN MANNION says the is completely wrong.

According to a report on a business reporting website in the UK, the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, is officially going to be called Xbox Infinity. It was one of the first rumoured names for the system, followed by Xbox Fusion. It’s a pretty awesome name that covers all the aspects of what the next Xbox is expected to offer.

I also found a cool video of some guy talking about what he thinks he knows about the Xbox Infinity and what we can expect to see.

All in all the two consoles appear to be virtually even and it really will be down to pure software skills in the next generation.

So that’s all very exciting, intriguing and likely completely false.

The simple reason being that Microsoft want to announce the next Xbox in 11 days time and right now and are both being squatted on by domain holding pages. And was picked up by someone who saw it was available when the name was first leaked. If Microsoft were going to call it the infinity these domain names would have been secured a long time ago.

Or Microsoft is being extra specially sneaky and actually owns them all already and is just trying to throw us off the trail… though I suspect they really have better things to be doing with their time.

So I’m guessing Infinity is an infinitely unlikely name for the next Xbox, which is a pity as I really like it.

* Article courtesy of Follow Gavin on Twitter on @Lazygamer

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