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Huawei enters the commercial laptop market

In a briefing note in July this year, global management firm McKinsey warned that “companies risk alienating their employees – and even losing them – if they refuse to acknowledge the disconnect between how employers and their workers see the future. Employers want to re-establish normality by bringing workers back to the office; employees want far more work-from-home.”

The solution, the briefing note suggests, is likely a hybrid model, something that many South African business leaders are already aware of. In fact, research suggests that nine out of 10 leaders expect a hybrid way of working to be the norm in the post-pandemic workplace. This new normal, however, places new demands on the technology we use. It has to be more seamless, more connected, more reliable, and smarter than ever before if it’s going to keep up with our flexible, hybrid lifestyles.

Fortunately, international technology giant Huawei is already several steps ahead.

The Huawei MateBook B Series fuels a new way of working

Huawei recently launched a new series of laptops that are suited to meet the needs of a demanding and evolving business world. Featuring new processors and displays, the Huawei MateBook B Series delivers improved reliability, security and a more premium experience for those looking for an all-scenario, AI-enabled working life.

The new-generation Huawei MateBook B Series includes the MateBook B7-410, B3-520 and B3-420, all of which are now available in South Africa.

In addressing the needs of today’s professionals, these devices come with Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration pre-installed. This feature allows for excellent integration with Huawei smartphones: tapping one’s handset against the laptop allows users to access both devices on a single screen, which offers significant productivity advantages.

Just because they connect easily with other devices, however, doesn’t mean these laptops pose any security risks. Huawei knows that protecting a business’s data is one of its greatest priorities, which is why the series features a TPM2.0 security chip that safeguards data confidentiality, integrity and usability.

The chip not only saves and manages BIOS and hard-drive passwords but also supports the encryption of system and app login credentials. This means it can encrypt the credentials of employees’ online banking, messaging and email apps when they log in, providing additional security for any data that’s still in transit.

The MateBook B Series also features a fingerprint power button, which biometrically authenticates a user’s identity when they’re powering on their device, taking them directly to their desktop in one simple step.

A model for every professional

As the flagship model of the MateBook B Series, the B7-410 features an ultra-lightweight unibody made of aerospace-grade aluminium. Weighing just 1.33kg, it makes for an ideal companion for professionals who are fully adapted to a hybrid way of working. Featuring a 13.9-inch 3K touch display with a screen-to-body ratio of 91%, the B7-410 also offers an expansive viewing area that will help employees work easily and effectively.

The MateBook B3-520 and B3-420 laptops are more all-round in nature, and feature metal frames and minimalist designs. In addition to boasting the Huawei MateBook’s signature FullView Display, they have received the TÜV Rheinland certification for low blue light, which helps to alleviate any strain on a user’s eyes.

All devices also feature a 56Wh large battery, which will make worrying about battery a thing of the past. And when it’s time to charge up, the MateBook B Series’ 65W portable fast charger will help users get going again in no time.

The Huawei MateBook B Series is the answer to every need posed by the business world – now and into the future. They can be bought through Pinnacle and Mustek.

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