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Huawei offers free battery replacements

While Huawei may be in trouble in the US, it’s remaining true to its customer service promise to enhance user experience. It will now offer free battery replacements for phones within warranty, and discounts on battery replacements for phones out of warranty.

Click below to read more about which phones qualify for battery replacement, and how to spot the signs.



While smartphones have advanced at a rapid rate, phone batteries can’t offer the same performance over time, simply because they are a consumable component. Like all rechargeable batteries, phone batteries hold less power and become less effective as they age, which usually starts happening after about 18 to 24 months. Most smartphone batteries offer about 300 to 500 charging cycles.

Here are a few signs that it might be time to replace your smartphone battery:

·         Is your phone losing its charge a lot quicker than it used to? If you used to still be at 60% around midday, even after extensive use, and you’re now at 40% while chewing on your lunchtime sarmie, then it might be time to say cheers to the battery you’re using.

·         Is your phone losing about 10% of charge within 20 minutes after unplugging it from the charger? A few percentage points of battery drop is okay, but a more significant drop might be signs of a bigger problem.

·         Is your phone refusing to charge completely, no matter how long you leave it in the charger? This might mean it’s time for out with the old (battery) and in with the new.

·         Does your phone feel hotter than usual while charging? This is because a deteriorating battery generates heat. If this is happening, then it’s definitely time to get a new battery.

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