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Help Sherlock Holmes
solve a mystery in VR

‘The Case of the Hung Parliament’ combines the world of immersive theatre with cutting-edge VR technology.

Immersive theatre pioneers Les Enfants Terribles and VR trailblazers vrisch have joined forces to bring the world’s most famous detective to the virtual reality realm in Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hung Parliament. This live-motion VR deductive adventure for one to four players is set to debut on the Meta Quest 2 platform via the Meta Store.

The game offers a single or multiplayer deductive adventure and is the first VR game to feature interactive live-action FMV with professional theatre actors. 

Players embark on a journey to interrogate characters and visit locations to gather clues and unravel the mystery. They can play alone or team up with up to three other players to visit crime scenes all over London, then meet in the Mind Fortress to construct a case against the prime suspect. Written by Anthony Spargo and Les Enfants Terribles’ artistic director Oliver Lansley, the game challenges players to solve a typically absorbing Holmesian whodunit.

The plot revolves around a series of murders of high-ranking officials, with each victim dying on their birthday. The killer leaves a mysterious quote on each of their cards, and the Prime Minister himself has just received one. Players must solve the case before the murderer strikes again at midnight.

The game combines the worlds of immersive theatre and cutting-edge VR video technology, and can be enjoyed over and over again. With the use of Holmes’ famous magnifying glass, players can immerse themselves in the world of Sherlock Holmes, examine crime scenes and learn all about the case from Doctor Watson himself. They can also interrogate a collection of malevolent misfits, all of whom have a motive to carry out such diabolical deeds.

The current “in development” version of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hung Parliament is available to purchase via AppLab and SideQuest. This version is complete and is being used for testing and community feedback for the developers to take onboard ahead of the full launch.

The official release date for the game on the Meta Quest 2 platform is yet to be announced, but players can request a code for the game via the Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro devices.

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